What is Disco Dodgeball?

  • At Disco Dodgeball teams battle it out for the coveted prize of Disco Dodgeball Champions wearing fancy dress while serenaded by the finest Disco beats.

  • Ballers must bring their A-game in order to out Dance competitors in opening Dance offs then out Dodge them in heat of battle.

  • Dont worry if you haven’t played since you were 8, our esteemed coaches Nile Dodgers and Mr Jackson will teach you all you need to know.

  • Win, lose or draw, the real winner is always Disco so party like a champion with all your fellow ballers at our DDB after-parties.  

Who is Disco Dodgeball?

  • You your mum and your grandpapa. All enthusiastic dodgers welcome, no professionals allowed (Must be over 18).

Our Story

It all started in the backstreets of Brixton in 2013. A local club had discarded it's dusty old Discoballs in favour of a foam machine. Luckily Nile Dodgers (who had fallen on hard times since his glory days as a Dodgeball super star in the 70's) found these balls in a wheelie bin while snuffling for  scraps. A moment of inspiration led to the creation of the greatest sport-come-party this planet has ever seen.